John Derry

Do more (with less)

Your new website is stranded without this

A website is the nucleus of many marketing campaigns but it is passive - like a stranded ship in the middle of the ocean - unless it has a communications plan.

Fundraising with CiviCRM

Three large fundraisers talk about CiviCRM during a 1-hour Google Hangout. Useful for anyone thinking about migrating to a free open source CRM.

Are you text-heavy? 10 ways to liven up web content

A website or a blog containing page-upon-page of text will not work well unless you are an amazing writer. Consider the following media instead of, or in addition to your written content.

Lifecycle of a minor party brand

In Australian Politics, the story of the Greens eclipsing the Australian Democrats as the major minor party of the day is just getting interesting. It would appear that the Greens have learnt little from the mistakes of the Democrats.

A leaner marketing future

Technology is reshaping the practice of marketing by offering new ways to substantially improve marketing efficiency. Because of global financial fears many organisations are looking at recession marketing strategies.

45 Provocative Campaign Ads for Social Change

Provocative NGO and not-for-profit marketing campaigns from around the world – deliberately controversial, they are designed to cause a media storm and compensate for smaller advertising budgets.