John Derry

Do more (with less)

Microsoft Band has hidden capabilities

If you’re familiar with FitBit or dabbled with tracking your calorie intake or exercise with multiple apps and gadgets, you’d naturally be interested in an all-in-one solution.

Naming a startup: don't focus on the domain name

Is every dot com domain name you can think of occupied by pesky cyber squatters? Is not being able to find a fabulous brand name holding you back?

10 ways to name a startup

Trying to find the best name for a tech startup company? These ideas will offer some direction and constructive advice on how to go about it

Use this service to fix lack of trust in web stats

A solution to verify common claims like ‘we have the highest unique visitor numbers’ and ‘sure, we can deliver that many page impressions in one day’.

The trouble with buses

London’s subway had a problem 80 years ago until designer Harry Beck re-imagined the complex route map into an elegant line diagram that has become integral to subway users everywhere.